Responses of plants and ecosystems to global environmental change

Physiological Plant Ecology
Plants are fundamental components of the earth system. Their ability to assimilate atmospheric CO2 and to transpire H2O drives the biogeochemical cycles in ecosystems and determines as such the provision of ecosystem goods and services that we as people depend on. In the Physiological Plant Ecology Group at ETH Zurich we investigate the physiological responses of plants to their environmental in order to understand how plants govern the function of ecosystems in a changing world. Our research operates at different scales that range from the leaf to the landscape level and links plant ecophysiology to plant population dynamics and ecosystem biogeochemistry.


  • Drivers and dynamics of a massive adaptive radiation in cichlid fishes
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  • Validation and calibration of soil delta H-2 and brGDGTs along (E-W) and strike (N-S) of the Himalayan climatic gradient
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  • Improving the extraction and purification of leaf and phloem sugars for oxygen isotope analyses
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  • Rhizosphere activity in an old-growth forest reacts rapidly to changes in soil moisture and shapes whole-tree carbon allocation
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    Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America  DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2014084117  OCT 2020
  • Deep-rooted pigeon pea promotes the water relations and survival of shallow-rooted finger millet during drought-Despite strong competitive interactions at ambient water availability
    Singh, Devesh; Mathimaran, Natarajan; Boller, Thomas; Kahmen, Ansgar
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  • Drivers and dynamics of a massive adaptive radiation in cichlid fishes
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  • Soil nutrients and lowered source:sink ratio mitigate effects of mild but not of extreme drought in trees
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  • The O-18-signal transfer from water vapour to leaf water and assimilates varies among plant species and growth forms
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  • Temperature and moisture variability in the eastern Mediterranean region during Marine Isotope Stages 11-10 based on biomarker analysis of the Tenaghi Philippon peat deposit
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  • Invasive knotweed has greater nitrogen-use efficiency than native plants: evidence from a N-15 pulse-chasing experiment
    Parepa, M; Kahmen, A; Werner, RA.; Fischer, M; Bossdorf, O
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  • Data do not support large-scale oligotrophication of terrestrial ecosystems
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  • Bioirrigation: a common mycorrhizal network facilitates the water transfer from deep-rooted pigeon pea to shallow-rooted finger millet under drought
    Singh, D; Mathimaran, N; Boller, T; Kahmen, A
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  • Contrasting stomatal sensitivity to temperature and soil drought in mature alpine conifers
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  • Innate and learned olfactory attraction to flowering plants by the parasitoid Cotesia rubecula (Marshall, 1885) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae): Potential impacts on conservation biological control
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  • Water relations of drought-stressed temperate trees benefit from short drought-intermitting rainfall events
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  • No role for xylem embolism or carbohydrate shortage in temperate trees during the severe 2015 drought
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  • Species-specific differences in water uptake depth of mature temperate trees vary with water availability in the soil
    Brinkmann, N.; Eugster, W.; Buchmann, N.; Kahmen, A.
    PLANT BIOLOGY, 21 (1):71-81; 10.1111/plb.12907 JAN 2019
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Research topics

  • The responses of plants and ecosystems to environmental change
  • Biological archives as long-term indicators for the effects of environmental change on plants and ecosystems
  • The effects of plant diversity for ecosystem functions
  • Competition and complementary use of nutrients by plants and microbes
  • Development of stable isotope tools for ecological research



  • The stable isotope composition of plant-derived biomarkers for paleohydrological research