Molecular and Chemical Ecology

The Experimental Biology Research Group is devoted to understanding the genes and metabolites that regulate ecological interactions. Our experimental system includes plants, herbivore insects, and herbivore natural enemies such as predators and entomopathogenic nematodes. Our research has lately focused on Photorhabdus bacteria, the symbionts of Heterorhabditis entomopathogenic nematodes. In particular, we have investigated their phylogenetic relationships, implemented methods to identify them rapidly, and improved their biological control potential.

More recently, we have started to unravel the adaptive value of one of its most prominent traits: Bioluminescence. Photorhabdus bacteria produce light when they multiply inside their host insects. Therefore, the organisms that are infected by Photorhabdus bacteria are bioluminescent. What are the benefits that could explain the occurrence and prevalence of this trait? This is one of the questions that we are currently tackling by studying the regulatory potential of Photorhabdus bioluminescence in belowground multi-trophic interactions.

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  • Comparative morphological and molecular analyses of Acrobeloides bodenheimeri and A. tricornis Cobb, 1924 (Rhabditida, Cephalobidae) from Tunisia
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  • Virulence and reproductive potential of Indian entomopathogenic nematodes against the larvae of the rice meal moth
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  • Early land plants: Plentiful but neglected nutritional resources for herbivores?
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  • Morphological and molecular identification of Trichoderma asperellum isolated from a dragon fruit farm in the southern Philippines and its pathogenicity against the larvae of …
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  • Chemical Ecology of Nematodes
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  • Redescription and molecular characterisation of Panagrolaimus labiatus (Kreis, 1929) Andrássy, 1960 (Rhabditida, Panagrolaimidae) from India and proposal of P. burdwanensis
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  • Photorhabdus antumapuensis sp. nov., a novel symbiotic bacterial species associated with Heterorhabditis atacamensis entomopathogenic nematodes
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  • Comparative Screening of Mexican, Rwandan and Commercial Entomopathogenic Nematodes to Be Used against Invasive Fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda
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  • Steinernema africanum n. sp.(Rhabditida, Steinernematidae), a New Entomopathogenic Nematode Species Isolated in the Republic of Rwanda
    RAR Machado, AH Bhat, J Abolafia, E Shokoohi, P Fallet, TCJ Turlings, ...
    Journal of Nematology 54 (1) 2022
Ricardo Machado Uni Neuchatel

Dr. Ricardo A. R. Machado
University of Neuchâtel
Institute of Biology
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phone: +41 32 718 3046

  • Chemical and molecular aspects of plant-herbivore-natural enemy interactions
  • Ecology of Photorhabdus entomopathogenic bacteria (EPB)
  • Ecology of Heterorhabditis entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN)
  • Foraging behaviour of Diabroticine larvae
  • Insect resistance to EPB and EPN
  • Plant responses to herbivory
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