Career opportunities

UniversityDepartementTitlePositionClosing date
Zurich UniversityDept of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany, Peter Szovenyi groupPlant evolutionary biologyPhD31/07/2020
Zurich UniversityVerena Schünemann group, Simon Aeschbacher groupPlant–Pathogen Herbarium GenomicsPhD31/08/2020
Basel UniversityFaculty of ScienceEcologyProf31/08/2020
eawag & WSLBlue-Green Biodiversity Initiative 2020, Loïc Pellissier groupCommunity ecologyPostdocuntil filled
eawag & WSLBlue-Green Biodiversity Initiative 2020Aquatic and terrestrial phenologyPostdocuntil filled
eawag & WSLBlue-Green Biodiversity Initiative 2020Landscape ConnectivityPostdocuntil filled
eawag & WSLBlue-Green Biodiversity Initiative 2020Global Macroecology (80-100%)Postdocuntil filled
University Freiburg i. Breisgau DEChair of Hydrology and Chair of Ecosystem PhysiologyEcohydrological transit times in forest ecosystemsPhDuntil filled
Bern UniversityInstitute of Plant Sciences, Matthias Erb groupGenomics of Plant Toxin ResistancePhDuntil filled
Zurich UniversityInstitute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Marcel van der Heijden groupSoil Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Assessment across EuropePhDuntil filled
Zurich UniversityDept of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany, Elena Conti groupComparative Genomics of PrimulaceaePostdocuntil filled
ETH ZurichPlant Pathology, Bruce McDonald group  and Crop Science Groups, Bruno Studer groupPhenomics of Plant DiseasePostdocuntil filled
Zurich UniversityDept Plant and Microbial Biology, Sylvain Bischof groupChromoBreed - From Chromatin to Plant Breeding (ESR14)PhD01/07/2020
ETH ZurichInst Molecular Plant Biology, Sam Zeeman GroupTowards improved crop resilience – discovering essential factors that control chloroplast development (ESR13)PhD01/07/2020
ETH ZurichInstitute of Agricultural Sciences, Bruno Studer groupExploitation of genomic resources to spike forage breeding programs (ESR12)PhD01/07/2020
ETH ZurichEnvironmental Policy Lab Rachel GarrettStuder BrunoDeveloping climate ready apple production systems in Switzerland (ESR11)PhD01/07/2020

ETH Zurich

Dep. of Environmental Systems Science, Dr. Stefan PfenningerROSE: Role of Bioenergy in Sustainable Energy Systems (ESR09)PhD01/07/2020