Career opportunities

UniversityDepartementTitlePositionClosing date
MedicagoMicrobiologieSpécialiste II, CQ Biologie MoléculairOtheruntil filled
WSLBiodiversity CentreScientific Coordinator and Data Analyst for Biodiversity ResearchOtherMid April 2020
ETH ZurichPlant Pathology, Bruce McDonald group  and Crop Science Groups, Bruno Studer groupPhenomics of Plant DiseasePostdocuntil filled
ETH ZurichInst of Agricultural Sciences, Plant Nutrition, Emmanuel Frossard groupNew bio-based fertilisers from organic waste upcycling’ within the FertiCycle European Training NetworkPhDuntil filled
Zurich UniversityDept Plant and Microbial Biology, Sylvain Bischof groupChromoBreed - From Chromatin to Plant Breeding (ESR14)PhD01/01/2020
ETH ZurichInst Molecular Plant Biology, Sam Zeeman GroupTowards improved crop resilience – discovering essential factors that control chloroplast development (ESR13)PhD01/01/2020
ETH ZurichInstitute of Agricultural Sciences, Bruno Studer groupExploitation of genomic resources to spike forage breeding programs (ESR12)PhD01/01/2020
ETH ZurichEnvironmental Policy Lab Rachel GarrettStuder BrunoDeveloping climate ready apple production systems in Switzerland (ESR11)PhD01/01/2020

ETH Zurich

Dep. of Environmental Systems Science, Dr. Stefan PfenningerROSE: Role of Bioenergy in Sustainable Energy Systems (ESR09)PhD01/01/2020
Bern UniversityInst Plant Sciences, Matthias Erb group, position announced on twitterChemical ecologyPostDocuntil filled
Lausanne UniversityInst of Geography and Sustainability (IGD), Christian Kull groupGraduate Assistant in Political EcologyPhD19/04/2020
AgroscopeZürich Affoltern, Franz Xaver Schubiger groupProjektleiter*in FutterpflanzenzüchtungOther17/04/2020
Lausanne UniversityDept Fundamental MicrobiologyScientific program manager NCCR MicrobiomesOther15/04/2020
Lausanne UniversityDept Fundamental MicrobiologyOperational manager NCCR MicrobiomesOther15/04/2020
ETH ZurichInstitute of Integrative Biology, Bruce McDonald groupPhenomics of Plant DiseasePostdoc01/06/2020
Lausanne UniversityDept Plant Molecular Biology, Christian Hardtke groupPlant Vascular DevelopmentPostdoc31/05/2020
ETH ZurichD-USYS, Loïc Pellissier groupMacroevolution – Disentangling the drivers of plant speciation in the Hengduan Mts, ChinaPhDuntil filled
ETH ZurichD-USYS, Loïc Pellissier groupMacroecology, Plant biodiversity turnover in response to contemporary and historical processes of the Hengduan Mts, ChinaPhDuntil filled
Auckland University AUTSchool of Science - Faculty of Health and Environmental SciencesLecturer/Senior Lecturer Ecosystem - Global Change EcologyOther13/03/2020
Bern UniversityBotanic GardenEx-situ plant conservation and re-introductionPostdocuntil filled
Zurich UniversityDept of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany, Elena Conti group Comparative genomics of PrimulaceaePostdocuntil filled
Neuchâtel UniversityInstitute of Biology, Experimental Biology Research Group (Ricardo Machado)Bioluminescence as a Regulator of Multi-trophic Interactions in the Rhizosphere (pdf)PhD29/02/2020
Zurich UniversityDept of Plant and Microbial Biology, Sylvain Bischof labPlant EpigeneticsPhDuntil filled