UniversityDepartementTitlePositionClosing date
Zurich UniversityURPP Evolution in ActionProgram Co-Manager
50 %
Otheruntil filled
Basel UniversityDept of Environmental Sciences, Botany, Kahmen groupStable Isotope PhysiologyPhD10/12/2020
Basel UniversityDepartment of Environmental Sciences, Global and Regional Land Use Change, Prof. Ruth DelzeitLand Use Change (2 positions)PhD15/12/2020
Fribourg UniversityDepartment of Biology, Geisler labAuxin transport (2 positions)PhDuntil filled
Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg, DEFaculty of BiologyÖkophysiologie der Pflanzen / Ecophysiology of PlantsProf21/12/2020
Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (FiBL)BodenwissenschaftenExpertin/Experten für ökologischen Gartenbau bzw. LandwirtschaftOther25/11/2020
WSLBiodiversity and Conservation BiologyBryophyte Conservation & Ecology (80-100%)PostDocuntil filled
Bioversity International & International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) Bean Program BreederOther31/11/2020
Bern UniversityInstitute of Plant Sciences, Parisod groupPlant Evolutionary GenomicsPostdoc31/11/2020
SCNATBereich WissenschaftWiss. Mitarbeiterin oder wiss. Mitarbeiter 80–100%Other25/10/2020
Geneva UniversityDepartment of Botany and Plant Biology, Fitzpatrick labPlant metabolismPostdoc06/11/2020
Fribourg UniversityDept of Biology, Geisler labAuxin transportPhD30/10/2020
Zurich UniversityDepts. of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany (Szoevenyi lab) & Plant and Microbial Biology (Grossniklaus lab)The relative contribution of genetic and epigenetic variability to adaptationPhD28/10/2020
Geneva UniversityDepartment of Botany and Plant Biology, Hothorn labStructural biology of inositol pyrophosphate signal transductionPostdoc15/11/2020
ETH ZurichInst of Agricultural Science, Bruno Studer groupBuckwheat to diversify Swiss agricultural and food systemsPhD01/12/2020
ETH ZurichDept of Environmental Systems Science, Johan Six groupResilient and sustainable farms and value chainsPhD01/12/2020
ETH ZurichInstitute of Terrestrial Ecosystems, Loïc Pellissier groupDeforestation, reforestation and vertebrate diversity using river environmental DNAPhD01/12/2020
University of ZurichDept of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, Pascal Niklaus groupLand-use and functioning of anthropogenically-dominated landscapesPhD01/12/2020
ETH Zurich Dept of Environmental Systems Science, Sebastian Dötterl groupTropical soils, restoration success and service provision of tropical forestsPhD01/12/2020
University of ZurichInstitute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Cyril Zipfel labPlant peptides for the sustainable improvement of crop resistance to biotic and abiotic stressesPhD01/12/2020
University of ZurichDept of GeographyTropical forest plant diversity with spatial genetics and remote sensingPhD01/12/2020
Geneva UniversityDepartment of Botany and Plant Biology, Hothorn labBiochemistry/Structural Biology of Plant Cell SignalingPhDuntil filled