Welcome to the website of the Swiss Society of Plant Biology.

This website informs about research and education in academic plant science in Switzerland.

It currently showcases approximately 130 plant science research group leaders working in eight universities, including ETH Zurich, in Switzerland.

The society meets once a year, usually in January, for the SwissPLANT conference to present and discuss the latest research advancements in plant sciences and to hold its general assembly.

The Swiss Society of Plant Biology pursues the following goals:

- Maintaining a network in all areas of plant science
- Fostering scientific cooperation, also with other organizations
- Organizing scientific events
- Promoting a professional exchange of knowledge and opinions among its members
- Supporting early carreer plant scientists
- Maintaining public relations
- Releasing statements on questions of public interest
- Offering scientific policy advice
- The Society may take up other activities as required.


The society's portal – the Swiss Plant Science Web – serves as an information and communications tool for academic plant sciences in Switzerland. The network enhances the visibility of plant biology and the achievements of plant research for society. By joining forces, it advances research and education efforts in Switzerland.

In 2022 the Swiss Plant Science Web merged into the Swiss Society of Plant Biology. The society is led by a committee that is currently composed of four members:

The Swiss Society of Plant Biology is a member society of the Swiss Academies of Sciences (SCNAT) and its Platform Biology. The Society emerged from the Swiss Plant Physiological Society that was founded in 1978. The Swiss Society of Plant Biology is a non-profit association in line with Article 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code. Since 2022, the Swiss Plant Science Web has been the official website of the society.

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Membership in the Swiss Society of Plant Biology is open to anyone with an interest in plant science research.


Membership fee is currently CHF 40 per year.

If you would like to join the Society fill in the membership application form.