RNA Biology

Our laboratory focuses on various aspects of a highly conserved mechanism called “RNA silencing”, which encompasses many processes in which tiny RNA molecules (20-30 nt long) are used as guides to promote nucleotide sequence-specific regulations at the levels of mRNA stability and translation, and, in some organisms, at the level of DNA methylation and chromatin modification.

More specifically, we are interested in understanding the biogenesis, modes of action and biological functions of two main classes of cellular small RNAs that are both processed from double-stranded RNA precursors by RNase III-like enzymes in the Dicer family, and loaded into Argonaute (AGO) proteins that effect their activity at the RNA and DNA levels, as part of RNA-induced silencing complexes (RISCS).

Olivier Voinnet

Prof. Dr. Olivier Voinnet
ETH Zurich
Institute of Molecular Plant Biology
8092 Zurich

Tel: +41 (0)44 633 93 60