Evolutionary Genomics

Our group is fascinated by the diversity and evolution of living organisms, populations and ecological systems. Our primary goal is to understand the basic principles underlying both macro- and microevolutionary changes using plants as model organisms. In particular, our interest extends over several fields of plant biology, including ecology, population genomics, molecular evolution, evo-devo, systematics and comparative genomics with special attention to basal groups of land plants. We combine field-based ecological and lab-based molecular/reverse genetic approaches including computationally intensive modeling and genome analysis to understand evolutionary processes both at the macro- and microevolutionary scales.

  • The evolution of life cycle transitions in plants
  • The evolution of the land plant sporophyte
  • The effect of ploidy on evolutionary processes
  • Sex chromosome evolution and sex determination in haploid dioecy
  • The genetics and epigenetics of inbreeding and outbreeding depression
  • Genomic imprinting in plants lacking endosperm

► Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.ch/citations?hl=de&user=slEELEoAAAAJ

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Szoevenyi Peter

PD Dr. Peter Szövényi
University of Zurich
Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany
8008 Zurich

Tel: +41 (0)44 634 84 18

  • Comparative evolutionary developmental biology
  • Evolutionary genomics
  • Adaptation to changing climate
  • Evolutionary transcriptomics
  • Breeding system evolution