Developmental Physiology

Plant roots acquire water and nutrients from the soil and transport them upwards to the aerial parts. This function is reflected by their anatomy: Water and nutrients move radially through the concentric layers of epidermis and cortex before entering the vasculature through the endodermis. Our research aims to study the relations between root development and nutrient uptake by combining microscopy, molecular genetics and plant physiology. Current projects in the lab include characterization of apoplastic, symplastic and transcellular pathways for nutrients.

  • Extracellular vesiculo-tubular structures associated with suberin deposition in plant cell walls
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  • Building and breaking of a barrier: Suberin plasticity and function in the endodermis
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  • Suberin plasticity to developmental and exogenous cues is regulated by a set of MYB transcription factors
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  • Coumarin accumulation and trafficking in Arabidopsis thaliana: a complex and dynamic process
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  • Constitutive Activation of Leucine-Rich Repeat Receptor Kinase Signaling Pathways by BAK1-INTERACTING RECEPTOR-LIKE KINASE3 Chimera([OPEN])
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  • SCHENGEN receptor module drives localized ROS production and lignification in plant roots
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  • Polarized transport across root epithelia
    Ramakrishna, Priya; Barberon, Marie
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  • Regulation of a plant aquaporin by a Casparian strip membrane domain protein-like
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  • Surveillance of cell wall diffusion barrier integrity modulates water and solute transport in plants
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  • The endodermis, a tightly controlled barrier for nutrients
    Doblas, Veronica G.; Geldner, Niko; Barberon, Marie
    CURRENT OPINION IN PLANT BIOLOGY 39: 136-143  10.1016/j.pbi.2017.06.010  OCT 2017
  • Transient cell-specific EXO70A1 activity in the CASP domain and Casparian strip localization
    Lothar Kalmbach, Kian Hématy, Damien De Bellis, Marie Barberon, Satoshi Fujita, Robertas Ursache, Jean Daraspe & Niko Geldner
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  • The endodermis as a checkpoint for nutrients
    Barberon, Marie
    NEW PHYTOLOGIST 213(4): 1604-1610 10.1111/nph.14140  MAR 2017
  • Root diffusion barrier control by a vasculature-derived peptide binding to the SGN3 receptor
    Doblas, Veronica G.; Smakowska-Luzan, Elwira; Fujita, Satoshi; et al.
    SCIENCE 355(6322): 280-283  10.1126/science.aaj1562  JAN 20 2017
Marie Barberon Uni Geneva

Prof. Dr. Marie Barberon
University of Geneva
Department of Plant Sciences
1211 Geneva

+41 22 379 68 16

  • Relations between abiotic stress and root development
  • Plasticity of root permeability for nutrient transport
  • Cell-to-cell transport of nutrients in roots
  • Function of root barriers in plant adaptation


  • Endocytosis and exocytosis
  • Immunolocalization
  • Live cell imaging
  • Gene regulation
  • Protein degradation