Plant Nutrition

Phosphorus (P) is a major nutrient and an important constituent in cell membranes, DNA and RNA, and energy transporters. In most natural environments, inorganic orthophosphate is often limiting, P cycling and turnover are rapid, and organic compounds represents the main phosphate source to organisms.

We use a relatively new stable isotopic tracer, oxygen isotopes bound to phosphorus in phosphate to better understand the aspects of the P biogeochemical cycle which are still unclear, since many biological processes cannot be easily identified and quantified in natural settings. The O-P bond is highly stable at ambient temperature and in most environments on Earth, and only biological processes promote a significant change in the isotope signature of the phosphate.

In soil sciences, the use of δ18O-P is still in its infancy and relatively little has been published. We are working in optimizing existing preparation techniques for soil studies, combining sequential extraction of P to isotopic analysis. Our projects aim at characterizing and understand the processes influencing the isotopic signature in the soil and plants. We also work on the isotopic characterization of P sources in agricultural systems (plant residues, organic manure, mineral fertilizers) aiming at tracing them and assess their behavior in the environment.

  • Phosphorus cycle in the environment
  • Isotopic tools (oxygen stable isotope in phosphate) in the soil/plant/water ecosystem
  • Soil formation
  • Sources and sinks of phosphorus in agricultural systems
  • Understanding soil selenium accumulation and bioavailability through size resolved and elemental characterization of soil extracts
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Federica Tamburini

Dr. Federica Tamburini
ETH Zurich
Institute of Agricultural Sciences
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  • Plant physiology
  • Enzymatic processes in soils