Plant Systematics and Biodiversity

Systematics and evolution of plants and fungi

The Laboratory of Plant Systematics and Biodiversity (Conservatory and Botanical Garden, Geneva) is interested in the biodiversity, systematics, phylogenetics, phylogeography and evolution of plants and fungi. Centred on our internationally renowned herbarium collection and research units (Anatomy and micromorphology ; Microscopy and chromatography ; SIG-remote sensing and tele-detection; Phylogeny and molecular genetics) we focus on describing and documenting species, analysing their anatomical-morphological features, establishing their genetic relationships and elucidating the evolutionary processes that shaped them.

We also explore the diversity composition of plants and fungi in Switzerland, the Alps, Africa, Madagascar, Central and South America. Our research covers taxonomy, systematics and evolution; floras, catalogues and inventories; conservation, ecology and vegetation analysis; ethnobotany – the history of science. We have taxonomic expertise in the Arecaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Dicranaceae, Gesneriaceae, Parmeliaceae, Sapotaceae. Our diverse research projects, done in collaboration with students and our network of partners, result in 50-60 scientific publications per year.

Recent Publications

  • Unearthing a lectotype for Polytrichum commune Hedw. (Bryophyta, Polytrichaceae)
    Kariyawasam, Isuru U.; Price, Michelle J.; Bell, Neil E.; Long, David G.; Mill, Robert R.; et al.
    Taxon,  DOI: 10.1002/tax.12444  JAN 2021
  • Chiloscyphus parapilistipulus (Lophocoleaceae), a new species of liverwort from New Caledonia, with the typification of Lophocolea pilistipula
    Thouvenot, Louis; Price, Michelle J.
    Candollea, DOI: 10.15553/c2020v752a10 OCT 2020
  • Biomonitoring of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Deposition in Greenland Using Historical Moss Herbarium Specimens Shows a Decrease in Pollution During the 20(th) Century
    Martinez-Swatson, Karen; Mihaly, Eszter; Lange, Christian; Ernst, Madeleine; Dela Cruz, Majbrit; et al.
    Frontiers In Plant Science,  DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2020.01085 JUL 15 2020
  • Dicranum scottianum Turner (Dicranaceae): synonyms, a type and the correct author
    Price, Michelle J.; Maier, Eva; Ellis, Leonard T.
    JOURNAL OF BRYOLOGY 41(2): 149-156 10.1080/03736687.2019.1586191  APR 3 2019
  • Two hundred years in the dark: A type for the moss Encalypta crispata
    Price, MJ
    CANDOLLEA 73(2): 249-255  DOI: 10.15553/c2018v732a9   DEC 2018
  • Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF) best practices in electronic publishing in taxonomy
    Benichou, L; Gerard, I; Laureys, E; Price, MJ
    EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF TAXONOMY Volume: 475     Pages: 1-37  10.5852/ejt.2018.475    NOV 13 2018
  • The disentanglement of Andreaea alpina Hedw. (Andreaeaceae): Typifications and nomenclatural changes
    Price, MJ; Ellis, LT
    TAXON 67(5): 989-995 DOI: 10.12705/675.9  OCT 2018
  • A revision of Grimmia (Grimmiaceae) from South Africa and Lesotho
    Maier, Eva; Price, Michelle J.; Hedderson, Terry A.
    CANDOLLEA 72(1):199-230 10.15553/c2017v721a12 JUN 2017
  • A revision of Grimmia (Grimmiaceae) from South Africa and Lesotho
    Price, Michelle J.
    CANDOLLEA 72(1): 233-234 10.15553/c2017v721a14 JUN 2017
  • Tackling a long-standing problem: Typification of Orthotrichum crispum, Ulota crispula and Ulota intermedia (Bryopsida: Orthotrichaceae)
    Caparros, Rut; Garilleti, Ricardo; Price, Michelle J.; et al.
    TAXON 65(4): 862-866  10.12705/654.11 AUG 2016
  • (276-279) Proposals to provide for registration of new names and nomenclatural acts
    Barkworth, ME; Watson, M; Barrie, FR et al.
    TAXON 65(3):656-658; 10.12705/653.37 Jun 2016
  • Report of the Special Committee on Registration of Algal and Plant Names (including fossils)
    Barkworth, ME; Watson, M; Barrie, FR et al.
    TAXON 65(3): 670-672; 10.12705/653.43 Jun 2016
Michelle Price CJBG Uni Geneve

Prof. Dr. Michelle Price
Conservatoire et Jardins botaniques de Genève & University of Geneva
Department of Plant Sciences
1292 Geneva

Tel: +41 22 418 51 48

Research topics

  • Taxonomy – Systematics
  • Morphology – Anatomy
  • Floristics
  • Molecular genetics
  • Vegetation analyis and mapping
  • Ethnobotany – history of science


  • Systematics and biodiversity
  • Phylogenetics and biogeograpy
  • Population genetics
  • Floristics and vegetation analysis
  • Conservation and habitat protection