Ecology and evolution of plant sexual systems

Current projects in the group address questions concerning transitions between sexual systems and their implications for mating, resource allocation, demography and the evolution of the genome and transcriptome, especially sex chromosomes.


Recent Publications

  • Characterization of microsatellite markers for Moricandia moricandioides (Brassicaceae) and related species
    Cuenot, Y; Gomez, JM; Gonzalez-Megias, A; Pannell, JR; Torices, R
    APPLICATIONS IN PLANT SCIENCES, 6 (8):10.1002/aps3.1172 AUG 2018
  • Size and Content of the Sex-Determining Region of the Y Chromosome in Dioecious Mercurialis annua, a Plant with Homomorphic Sex Chromosomes
    Veltsos, P; Cossard, G; Beaudoing, E; Beydon, G; Bianchi, DS; Roux, C;
    Gonzalez-Martinez, SC; Pannell, JR
    GENES, 9 (6):10.3390/genes9060277 JUN 2018
  • Kin discrimination allows plants to modify investment towards pollinator attraction
    Torices, Ruben; Gomez, Jose M.; Pannell, John R.
    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 9 10.1038/s41467-018-04378-3 MAY 22 2018
  • Pleiotropic effect of the Flowering Locus C on plant resistance and defence against insect herbivores
    Rasmann, Sergio; Vilas, Julia Sanchez; Glauser, Gaetan; Cartolano, Maria; Lempe, Janne; Tsiantis, Miltos; Pannell, John R.
    JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY, 106 (3):1244-1255; 10.1111/1365-2745.12894 MAY 2018
  • Sex Determination: Sterility Genes out of Sequence 
    Pannell, John R.; Gerchen, Jorn 
    CURRENT BIOLOGY, 28 (2): R80-R83  10.1016/j.cub.2017.11.052  JAN 22 2018 Editorial Material (Details)
  • The divergence history of the perennial plant Linaria cavanillesii confirms a recent loss of self-incompatibility 
    Voillemot, M.; Rougemont, Q.; Roux, C.; et al. 
    JOURNAL OF EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY, 31 (1): 136-147 JAN 2018 Article (Details)
  • Gender specialisation and stigma height dimorphism in Mediterranean Lithodora fruticosa (Boraginaceae) 
    Pannell, J. R. 
    PLANT BIOLOGY, 20: 112-117 JAN 2018 Article (Details)
  • Low number of fixed somatic mutations in a long-lived oak tree 
    Schmid-Siegert, Emanuel; Sarkar, Namrata; Iseli, Christian; et al. 
    NATURE PLANTS, 3 (12): 926-929 DEC 2017 Article (Details)
  • Sex-specific strategies of resource allocation in response to competition for light in a dioecious plant 
    Tonnabel, Jeanne; David, Patrice; Pannell, John R. 
    OECOLOGIA, 185 (4): 675-686 DEC 2017 Article (Details)
John Pannell

Prof. Dr. John Pannell
University of Lausanne
Department of Ecology and Evolution
1015 Lausanne

Research topics

  • Evolution of plant gender, sexual dimorphism and sex allocation strategies
  • Ecology, genetics and evolution of polyploidy, especially in its interaction with the sexual system
  • Evolution of local adaptation, particularly in colonizing plant species
  • Ecology and population genetics of metapopulations subject to repeated local extinctions and re-colonisations