Ecology and evolution of plant sexual systems

Current projects in the group address questions concerning transitions between sexual systems and their implications for mating, resource allocation, demography and the evolution of the genome and transcriptome, especially sex chromosomes.


Recent Publications

  • Sexual dimorphism and rapid turnover in gene expression in pre-reproductive seedlings of a dioecious herb
    Cossard, Guillaume G.; Toups, Melissa A.; Pannell, John R.
    Annals Of Botany, Volume: 123, Issue: 7, Pages: 1119-1131, DOI: 10.1093/aob/mcy183, Published: JUN 4 2019
  • A new biological species in the Mercurialis annua polyploid complex: functional divergence in inflorescence morphology and hybrid sterility
    Ma, Wen-Juan; del Blanco, Luis Santos; Pannell, John R.
    Annals Of Botany, Volume: 124, Issue: 1, Pages: 165-178, DOI: 10.1093/aob/mcz058, Published: JUN 28 2019
  • Pollination elicits an accelerated reduction in nocturnal scent emission by flowers of the dioecious herb Silene latifolia
    Martignier, T; Labouche, AM; Pannell, JR
    BOTANY, 97 (9):495-502; 10.1139/cjb-2018-0217 SEP 2019
  • YY males of the dioecious plant Mercurialis annua are fully viable but produce largely infertile pollen
    Li, XJ; Veltsos, P; Cossard, GG; Gerchen, J; Pannell, JR
    NEW PHYTOLOGIST, 10.1111/nph.16016 
  • Early Sex-Chromosome Evolution in the Diploid Dioecious Plant Mercurialis annua
    Veltsos, P; Ridout, KE; Toups, MA; Gonzalez-Martinez, SC; Muyle, A; Emery, O; Rastas, P; Hudzieczek, V; Hobza, R; Vyskot, B; Marais, GAB; Filatov, DA; Pannell, JR
    GENETICS, 212 (3):815-835; 10.1534/genetics.119.302045 JUL 2019
  • Do metrics of sexual selection conform to Bateman's principles in a wind-pollinated plant?
    Tonnabel, J; David, P; Pannell, JR
    PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, 286 (1905):10.1098/rspb.2019.0532 JUN 19 2019
  • A functional decomposition of sex inconstancy in the dioecious, colonizing plant Mercurialis annua
    Cossard, GG; Pannell, JR
    AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY, 106 (5):722-732; 10.1002/ajb2.1277 MAY 2019
  • Sex-specific selection on plant architecture through "budget" and "direct" effects in experimental populations of the wind-pollinated herb, Mercurialis annua
    Tonnabel, Jeanne; David, Patrice; Klein, Etienne K.; Pannell, John R.
    EVOLUTION, 73 (5):897-912; 10.1111/evo.13714 MAY 2019
  • Rapid loss of self-incompatibility in experimental populations of the perennial outcrossing plant Linaria cavanillesii
    Voillemot, M; Encinas-Viso, F; Pannell, JR
    EVOLUTION, 73 (5):913-926; 10.1111/evo.13721 MAY 2019
  • Low siring success of females with an acquired male function illustrates the legacy of sexual dimorphism in constraining the breakdown of dioecy
    del Blanco, LS; Tudor, E; Pannell, JR
    ECOLOGY LETTERS, 22 (3):486-497; 10.1111/ele.13207 MAR 2019
  • Heritabilities of lateral and vertical herkogamy in Lysimachia arvensis
    Jimenez-Lopez, FJ; Arista, M; Talavera, M; Pannell, JR; Ortiz, PL
    PLANT SPECIES BIOLOGY, 34 (1):31-37; 10.1111/1442-1984.12229 JAN 2019
  • Life-History Traits Evolved Jointly with Climatic Niche and Disturbance Regime in the Genus Leucadendron (Proteaceae)
    Tonnabel Jeanne, Schurr Frank M., Boucher Florian, Thuiller Wilfried, Renaud Julien, Douzery Emmanuel J. P., Ronce Ophélie
    The American Naturalist, 191 (2) pp. 220-234. 10.1086/695283 2018/02.
  • Characterization of microsatellite markers for Moricandia moricandioides (Brassicaceae) and related species
    Cuenot, Y; Gomez, JM; Gonzalez-Megias, A; Pannell, JR; Torices, R
    APPLICATIONS IN PLANT SCIENCES, 6 (8):10.1002/aps3.1172 AUG 2018
John Pannell

Prof. Dr. John Pannell
University of Lausanne
Department of Ecology and Evolution
1015 Lausanne

Research topics

  • Evolution of plant gender, sexual dimorphism and sex allocation strategies
  • Ecology, genetics and evolution of polyploidy, especially in its interaction with the sexual system
  • Evolution of local adaptation, particularly in colonizing plant species
  • Ecology and population genetics of metapopulations subject to repeated local extinctions and re-colonisations