PlantACT! Initiative

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The PlantACT! initiative aims to tackle climate change and will function as a think tank of plant science experts.

As current agriculture and land use contributes to up to 25 % of total GHG emissions, plant scientists are at center stage to find possible solutions to a transition to sustainable agriculture and land use. The PlantACT! initiative of plant scientists lays out a road map in which areas and how plant scientists can contribute to find immediate, mid-term and long-term solutions and what changes are necessary in the way to work out these solutions at the personal, institutional and funding level.

The onsortium of PlantATC! focuses on finding solutions for 4 main topics:

  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency of crops.
  • Soil-Plant Health.
  • Carbon sequestration.
  • Resilience and food security.

Those interested in the PlantACT! initiative are invited to join it: