Consuelo De Moraes receives SNSF Advanced Grant


Last year, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) announced Advanced Grants to which established researchers from Swiss universities could apply for funding for a forward-looking, original, significant or even risky project. Of the 232 projects submitted, the SNSF selected 24 for funding.

One of the selected projects focuses on pollinator-plant interactions
Bumblebees respond to pollen deprivation by damaging plant leaves. As a reaction plants to accelerate their flowering. This was recently discovered by the group of professor Consuelo De Moraes and her group at ETH Zurich. She will now explore the molecular and biochemical mechanisms responsible for this phenomenon, as well as its ecological implications, including whether such effects may help to synchronise the life cycle of plants and their pollinators.

Consuelo De Moraes is professor of Biological Communication at ETH Zurich and a member of the Swiss Plant Science Web.

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