Biology22 conference Basel, award winners

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The Biology22 conference held at the University of Basel came to a close with the announcement of the talk and poster award winners.

1st prize talk: Selim Bouaouina (Univ Basel): Zones of secondary contact maintained by temporal isolation through allochrony
2nd prize talk: Omar Lenzi (Univ Zurich): Environmental determinants of breeding phenology in an alpine common toad population

1st prize poster: Franziska Brenninger (Univ Zurich): Does double mean trouble? – Parasitic manipulation of reproduction and dispersal
2nd prize poster: Lucie Aulus (Univ Lausanne): The role of beta diversity indices in the definition of native ant biogeographic regions

Biology 2022 attracted more than 300 researchers from all Swiss universities, however, due to corona regulations only 200 were allowed to participate in person. The conference was held as a hybrid event in order to allow all interested scientists to attended via webinar. Two best poster awards and two best talk awards were granted.

Biology22 is the largest conference on organismic biology in Switzerland. It serves as an important platform for academic exchange, especially among junior researchers (Master students, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows) affiliated to a Swiss university or research institute. The event covers a broad spectrum of disciplines in biology and highlights the current and ongoing research in Switzerland.

Keynote speakers

Darwin talk

The conference was held from 17–18 February 2022 at the University of Basel.

Biology conference is the joint annual symposium of the Swiss Botanical Society, the Swiss Society for Systematics and the Swiss Zoological Society.

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