Biodiversity and Evolution

I am interested in understanding speciation and diversification patterns of plants, questioning the role of adaptation in the emergence and the maintenance of species boundaries. This includes the analysis of intra and interspecific diversity for conservation purposes or for phylogeographic analyses using various molecular markers from different genomes (nucleus, chloroplast, mitochondria).

  • Genetic diversity and phylogeography
  • Speciation patterns
  • DNA barcoding
  • Conservation genetics

Yamama Naciri on Google Scholar (for full list)

  • One in, one out: Generic circumscription within subtribe Manilkarinae (Sapotaceae)
    A Randriarisoa, Y Naciri, K Armstrong, CG Boluda, S Dafreville, ...
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  • Panmixia and active colonisation of the invasive palm Trachycarpus fortunei (Arecaceae) in Southern Switzerland and Northern Italy as inferred by microsatellites and SNP markers
    A Jousson, C Christe, F Stauffer, B Marazzi, F Aberlenc, G Maspoli, ...
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  • A 638-gene phylogeny supports the recognition of twice as many species in the Malagasy endemic genus Capurodendron (Sapotaceae)
    Boluda, Carlos G.; Christe, Camille; Naciri, Yamama; Gautier, Laurent
    Taxon 10.1002/tax.12676  APR 2022
  • A taxonomic revision of Ranunculus sect. Batrachium in Corsica: a morphological and statistical analysis
    Jeanmonod, Daniel; Naciri, Yamama
    Candollea 10.15553/c2021v762a9  DEC 2021
  • Species Delimitation and Conservation in Taxonomically Challenging Lineages: The Case of Two Clades of Capurodendron (Sapotaceae) in Madagascar
    Boluda, Carlos G.; Christe, Camille; Randriarisoa, Aina; Gautier, Laurent; Naciri, Yamama
    Plants-basel 10.3390/plants10081702  AUG 2021
  • Phylogeographic reconstructions can be biased by ancestral shared alleles: The case of the polymorphic lichen Bryoria fuscescens in Europe and North Africa
    Boluda, Carlos G.; Rico, Victor J.; Naciri, Yamama; Hawksworth, David L.; Scheidegger, Christoph
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  • Usnea dasopoga (Ach.) Nyl. and U. barbata (L.) F. H. Wigg. (Ascomycetes, Parmeliaceae) are two different species: a plea for reliable identifications in molecular studies
    Clerc, Philippe; Naciri, Yamama
    Lichenologist 10.1017/S0024282921000128  MAY 2021
Yamama Naciri CJBG

Dr. Yamama Naciri
Conservatoire et Jardins botaniques de Genève
Department of Plant Sciences
1292 Geneva

Tel: +41 (0)22 418 51 65

  • Quantitative genetics
  • Plant ecology
  • Population genetics