Rodrigo's research is centers on the conservation of biological and cultural heritage. Responsible for introducing the concept of indigenous knowledge networks, he brings the human dimension into studies of ecosystem services that traditionally focused on the ecological component. Policy-relevant, his research with the provincial government of West Papua has helped identify regional-scale priorities for expanding protected areas and safeguarding biocultural heritage in the face of climate change. Firmly rooted in natural history, he has spent 30 months doing collaborative fieldwork with 28 indigenous groups in South America and New Guinea, organized capacity-building workshops across the tropics, and led a team of 99 scientists from 56 institutions to build the first expert-verified checklist of the world's richest island flora.

  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Tropical biodiversity
  • Metabolomics
  • Amazonia
  • New Guinea


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  • In memoriam David G. Frodin (8 April 1940–12 August 2019)
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Rodrigo Camara Leret

Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Cámara Leret
University of Zurich
Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany

Phone +41 44 63 48441

  • Integrating ethnobotany and linguistics (PNAS 2021)
  • Integrating ethnobotany and network science (PNAS 2019)
  • Integrating ethnobotany and functional ecology (Nature Plants 2017)