20 Jun 2022 - 24 Jun 2022

Belfast, Northern Ireland

ICAR 2022 – International Conferences on Arabidopsis Research



Abstract deadline for oral presentation: March 15th.
Abstract deadline for poster presentation: April 15th.

These are the abstract submission categories:
1- Epigenetics and Chromatin biology
2- Arabidopsis at the frontier of applied biology
3- Exploring the Dynamic Proteome
4- Systems biology approaches to reveal gene function
5- Adaptation to abiotic stimuli
6- Plant Morphogenesis
7- Functions of the peripheral of the plant cell
8- Cell Signalling
9- New tools for plant cell biology
10- Plant immunity
11- Hormone and nutrient signalling
12- Plant development
13- Regulation of gene expression
14- Plant nutrition
15- Adaptive evolution and global change genomics
16- Exploring the biology of Arabidopsis


(ICAR 2023 - Japan (date tba)



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