Swiss Bioinformatics Institute – 20 years of service to the life sciences and health

Whether we are retracing the history of our ancestors, designing new drugs or understanding what gives Swiss Gruyère its unique flavour, bioinformatics has become an essential discipline. As a pioneer in the field, Switzerland is recognized for its know-how and expertise. The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics was formed on 30 March 1998 thanks to the support from the Confederation, which recognized the promising future of this new discipline, at the crossroads of biology and information technology.

The Institute is now celebrating its 20th anniversary – an opportunity to take stock of two decades of discoveries and future challenges in areas such as medicine. Several original projects are planned throughout the year, to raise awareness of bioinformatics and its key players among a wide audience, and include a mobile game, videos, a web series and a book combining art and science.