Science as a career of choice – Global Young Academy: call 2019

The Global Young Academy gives a voice to young scientists around the world. To realise this vision, it develops, connects, and mobilises young talent from six continents. Moreover, it empowers young researchers to lead international, interdisciplinary, and inter-generational dialogue with the goal to make global decision making evidence-based and inclusive. Global Young Academy activities focus on science and policy, the research environment, and science education and outreach as well as the cross-cutting theme GYA and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The GYA provides a rallying point for outstanding young scientists from around the world to come together to address topics of global importance. The GYA has reached 200 members: leading young scientists, typically 3-10 years after their PhD, between 30 to 40 years of age, and in the early stages of their independent academic careers. Members are selected for their scientific excellence and their commitment to service, and serve five-year terms. Thus, as of May 2019, the GYA counts 258 alumni in addition to its 200 members; together representing 83 countries. The vibrancy of this global organisation results from the energy of its members, who are passionate about the role of science in creating a better world.

Join the Global Young Academy!

The Global Young Academy is looking for new members to join us!
Applications are sought from young, independent scholars who combine the highest level of research excellence with a demonstrated passion for delivering impact.

The call is open to all scholars working in any research-based discipline, including the sciences, medicine, engineering, social sciences, the arts and humanities.

Applicants should be in the early to middle years of their independent careers. The majority of the GYA members are aged 30-40 and the typical period from completion of a PhD or similar degree is 3-10 years. Applicants falling outside these ranges are still invited to send their applications with a justification for why they should be considered.

Application deadline is 15 September 2019 (22h:00 UTC)

More information on how to apply and our online application form can be found here: