My Bank - Fish diversity on ocean banks

Laila the fish video

DRIVEBANKS is a research programme analyzing drivers of fish extinction and colonization on oceanic banks.

Its primary objective is to explore drivers of variation and change in species diversity and turnover in marine ecosystems by focusing primarily on oceanic banks.

The aim is to generate new knowledge on patterns and drivers of marine biodiversity, particularly of patterns of fish diversity and turnover (colonization, extinction) and of the processes that maintain or change diversity at both the population and community level. The group will compare two ecosystems, the Barents Sea and the Scotian Shelf, NW Atlantic to get insights not restricted to one specific ecosystem.

Swiss Plant Science Web member Loïc Pellissier, professor at the Institute of Terrestrial Ecosystems, ETH Zurich, Switzerland is a cooperating project partner.

Why are sea banks so rich in species?
Meet "Laila the fish" in the communication video of the NINA project. The fish Laila is the main character in the film My Bank about fish diversity on ocean banks.