How climate change is disrupting ecosystems


When it gets warmer, organisms rise higher from the lowlands. Researchers from ETH and WSL investigated what could happen to plant communities on alpine grasslands if grasshoppers from lower elevations settled there.

This research is a collaborative effort carried out under the lead of Swiss Plant Science Web members Prof. Sergio Rasman (Uni Neuchâtel) and Prof. Loïc Pellissier (ETH Zurich) and their teams.

Reference publication
Descombes P, et al.: 
Novel trophic interactions under climate change promote alpine plant coexistence.
Science  18 Dec 2020: Vol. 370, Issue 6523, pp. 1469-1473 DOI: 10.1126/science.abd7015

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In German: Wie der Klimawandel Ökosysteme durcheinanderbringt